Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Another Gem from Oklahoma's Ignoramus in the U.S. Senate

Jim Inhofe, a real estate developer with a B.A. degree, pontificates about the lack of evidence for global warming on the floor of the U.S. Senate. Watch him grin like an idiot as he demands that those concerned about climate change need to explain the recent late spring snowstorm to people in Oklahoma.

No one needs to explain it to me. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to understand how ice melting in the Arctic and rising sea levels could have an effect on the climate in Oklahoma.

Inhofe's ignorance is deliberate. The world's premier school of meteorology and the National Weather Center are in his district. There are plenty of experts around who could explain the evidence for global warming to him. Inhofe doesn't care to listen to experts who disagree with him.

He also has enough power to influence the careers of those who either agree or disagree with him.


Susie Q said...

Hey, I've read a lot of the info on 'global warming', I live 10 min from CO State University. I'm not a rocket scientist, but smart enough to realize that we don't know it all...it's a big planet. Yeah, climate changes...has been since God created it. The argument is how much of it is man's fault. I believe we need to be stewards of the earth, but global warming has turned into a religion...and religion is one thing I've had enough of.

Besides, I live in Co and we have our own idiots in Congress

Rhology said...

Global warming stuff is great - spring heat wave? Evidence for anthropogenic global warming! Winter snowstorm? Evidence for anthropogenic global warming!