Friday, March 27, 2009

Non-Profit Sector in Decline

Robert Parham at Ethics Daily has posted a story about "America's Nonprofits Running Out of Cash." Parham says a seismic shift is taking place in America's non-profits:
Key findings from a survey of over 950 nonprofit leaders show that 31 percent of nonprofits lack enough operating cash to cover expenses for more than one month. Another 31 percent can't cover even three months. A whopping 93 percent of "lifeline" organizations -- nonprofit agencies that provide food and other basic services to the vulnerable -- anticipate increasing demand this year with decreasing funding. These startling numbers spell a seismic shift in the nonprofit world.
In the 1990's, when the safety net we created to meet these emergencies was dismantled, John Ashcroft (the architect) and Bill Clinton (the promoter) called the system that replaced it "charitable choice."

Now it looks like those choices are going to be severely limited.

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