Thursday, March 26, 2009

Obama and Politics on the Web

The Tulsa World has published a story about how "Obama turns to Web to bypass news media." This is a development that is sure to infuriate the Rupert Murdochs of the world who have been manipulating and monopolizing the way that issues are framed for public consumption. Here's a quote from the Tulsa World:

In a way, it's part campaign-style politics and part "American Idol," said political strategist Simon Rosenberg.

"Barack Obama is going to reinvent the presidency the way he reinvented electoral politics," said Rosenberg, president of the New Democrat Network and a veteran of presidential campaigns. "He is allowing everyday people to participate in a way that would've been impossible in the old media world."

Obama's campaign allowed supporters to organize themselves to go door-to-door and raise money. Because of that, many felt an ownership of the campaign and devoted countless hours to giving Obama the Democratic Party's nomination and then the presidency.

Obama's aides are taking that step forward, incorporating tools that let visitors to the White House Web site pick the questions Obama will answer, turning the president's Thursday event into a democratic press conference.

"Average people get to shape the outcome, like 'American Idol,'" Rosenberg said. "This is not a couch-potato age. Average people are expecting to be part of the process."
Here's a link to the White House website. Log on and ask a question or vote on a question for the President to answer. The internet press conference begins in 10 minutes.

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Dr. Bruce Prescott said...

The press conference has started and is being streamed live over the internet.