Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Leaderless Resistance in Action

CNN's coverage of the attack by a white supremecist at the Holocaust Museum in Washington, D.C. has repeatedly emphasized that the attacker was a "lone wolf" and that the FBI has infiltrated subversive groups to prevent any organized resistance. Such coverage gives Americans a false sense of security.

For more than 25 years racists and white supremecists have had a well known strategy to counteract the FBI's infiltration of their movement. In 1983 the Inter-Klan Newsletter first published Louis Beam's essay on "Leaderless Resistance." In various forms, it has been widely circulated among white nationalists ever since.

Louis Beam, who once was a member of the church I pastored in Houston at a time before my pastorate, devised a blueprint for an underground movement comprised of subversive individuals and/or cells that would be separate and independent from one another and would act on their own initiative without central leadership.

The link that ties Scott Roeder, who allegedly killed Dr. George Tiller, and James Von Brunn, who allegedly killed a guard at the Holocaust Museum, is their comprehension and implementation of Beam's strategy of "leaderless resistance." The strategy is the same, only the political goals are different.

The definitive source for gaining an understanding of the persistance and growth of white supremecism and white nationalism in the U.S. is Leonard Zeskind's new book, Blood and Politics (2009). This book will be essential reading throughout the time of the Obama administration and beyond.

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doxa said...

This is interesting. I am just beginning to research the Term and concept Leaderless Resistance. I am surprised that there is not more of this kind of resistance both left and right at this time.