Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Defying Dobson

Kudos to Robert Parham at Ethics Daily for his essay "Dobson distorts faith, treatens Democrats."

Dobson and others in the Religious Right have been over-the-line separating church and state for a long time.

Mainstream Baptists are more than willing to let Fundamentalists use their strong-arm tactics in their own churches where people voluntarily cower into submission. Some of us refuse to cower when they employ the same tactics in the political life of our country.

It's time for more Christians to begin standing up to the bullies in the pulpits of America.


Anonymous said...

What bullying are you talking about? Preaching the Bible? If that's Fundamentalism, the let it be.

What matters in the church is believing the Bible and living by the words of Christ.

The rest is just religious rhetoric and we can see the results of that in the world.

greg said...


You should change your settings so anonymous morons can't post anonymously.

Dr. Bruce Prescott said...


Every now and then someone needs to post anonymously in order to keep from losing their job. There's not much freedom of speech or freedom of association in the SBC.

I learned that from a commenter a few months ago.