Friday, January 07, 2005

Government Payrolls Education Propaganda

USA Today is reporting that the Department of Education paid a TV host nearly a quarter of a million dollars to promote the administration's "No Child Left Behind" initiative.

This initiative is so ill-conceived and poorly funded that there is no doubt that only propaganda could prop it up.

Anyone who has read David Berliner's The Manufactured Crisis: Myths, Fraud, and the Attack on America's Public Schools knows that "No Child Left Behind" is just one more nail in the coffin that right-wingers have been building for public education for a long time.

For those unfamiliar with Dr. Berliner's work, here's a link to some of his work that is published on the web. His essay, "Educational Psychology Meets the Christian Right" is my favorite. Here's a link to some bio on Dr. Berliner.

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P.M. Prescott said...

We call NCLB leave no child a dime. The entire concept it to take money our of the classroom and the pockets of the employees of the public schools by diverting the money into the companies that make out standarized tests, which do nothing to further education, and mean nothing to the students that are being tested.