Thursday, January 20, 2005

Telling the Truth about America

In an interview with CNN, President Bush admitted that the Iraq war helped extremists. He said, "I've made some very difficult decisions that made public diplomacy in (the) Muslim world difficult. One was obviously attacking Iraq."

If diplomacy in the Middle East were a game of chess, the President has just admitted that he gave his queen and both his rooks to Osama Ben Laden. All he's got left are his Religious Right bishops while Osama has only lost a few Muslim pawns.

Nevertheless, the president just thinks, "We're behind when it comes to selling our own story and telling people the truth about America."

What is the truth about America? The truth is, we invaded an oil laden country on the pretense that we were under imminent threat from its weapons of mass destruction. Now, we are extracting their oil, admitting that there were no WMD's, and telling them that "people will begin to see the wisdom of the policy" when we install a new government to oppress them.

Suppose that was happening at your family ranch down in Texas. Armed agents kick down your door, kill one of your kids and torture another, take control of your oil wells, and then they apologize for not finding a hidden stash of contraband weapons. Do you suppose you will see the "wisdom of the policy" when they move another family into your house?


Anonymous said...

WMD's were never the only reason. All the reasons were made clear but WMD's was the only reason anyone, especially the media, paid any attention to. I'm so tired of this argument but I can't quit even though nobody's listening.


Anonymous said...

Of course, Bruce never said that WMD were the only reason. Part of the perception that they were important was that WMD was the most prominently mentioned reason in the House resolution on Iraq, as well as the connections with Al Qaeda that the 9/11 commission has now determined weren't operational, then that the abuse of the Iraqi population. Another aspect was Paul Wolfowitz's statements that WMDs were the only reason that everyone in the administration could agree was worth going to war on. Wolfowitz did admit that a benefit of the war was that we could withdraw our troops from Saudi Arabia.


P.M. Prescott said...

It is interesting how those defending the mess in Iraq want to downplay WMD, and refocus on the good of getting rid of Hussein. (They forget that when Paul admonishes Christians to be law abiding citizens in Romans he was talking about NERO! The emperor who starts the persecutions of Christians and executed Peter and Paul.)
Back to the issue at hand. The policy put forward for invading Iraq was PREEMPTIVE SELF-DEFENSE. WMD counts as a good reason for this policy, getting rid of a very nasty man doesn't. Loathsome the Ba'athist regime might have been, but there was order and stability and a united country. This is not a good reason for PREEMPTIVE SELF-DEFENSE AS WE ARE NOT IN IMMEDIATE DANGER OVER THIS ISSUE.
We got rid of the man keeping that all together and have replaced it with chaos, civil war, fanaticism, and the betrayal of all the moral capital we have built up in over a hundred years of world leadership by resorting to the same torture and cruelty we denigrated Husseing for using. After this coming election, which will go on at the supreme sacrifice of many Iraqi's, we will see the Kurds, Sunnis, and Shi'ites tear the country into three separate entities, and why are we talking about Iran being such a big bad boogie man now? Because we also know that when the Shi'ite part of Iraq splits off it will unite with Iran, and that is where the majority of Iraq's oil resides. If that part of Iraq unites with Iran it will have greater oil reserves than Saudi Arabia. George W. looks at this and says: "Bummer, we need to keep a military presence there to keep that from happening." The tricky part for him is how does he tackle Afghanistan, Iraq and Iran, keep North Korea at bay, and not institute compulsary military service (draft)? Answer: He can't, but he also knows that the minute he is forced to start drafting non-Republican dittoheads, there will be peace demonstrations and public opinion will get whiplash with a 180 degree turnaround. Classic totalitarian overreach.