Tuesday, February 28, 2006

On "Biblical Morality"

A few weeks ago I heard my friend Rob Abiera explain why he organized "Gay-OKC." He told a large gathering of community activists that ten years ago he read an article in a Tulsa newspaper about a "Christian" group that wanted to elect candidates for public office that would institute the death penalty for sodomy. In their eyes, that was what "biblical morality" required.

Until that time, the gay community in Oklahoma City lived mostly in the closet. When Rob realized what "biblical morality" means to some "inerrantist" and "literalist" Christians, his sexual orientation and identity suddenly became an issue of life or death. That was when he began calling Oklahoma City homosexuals out of the closet and started organizing events that would make them visible to the rest of the community.

A few days ago (Feb. 14th) Max Blumenthal wrote a blog about Gary DeMar, Christian Reconstructionist founder of American Vision and long a rising star within the political Christian right, who was recently interviewed on American Family Radio. Blumenthal offers a quotation from DeMar's Ruler of the Nations: Biblical Principles for Government (Dominion Press, 1987):
The law that requires the death penalty for homosexual acts effectually drives the perversion of homosexuality back into the closet...The long term goal [is] the execution of abortionists and parents who hire them. If we argue that abortion is murder, then we must call for the death penalty.
The time is coming, and now is, when Christians are going to have to choose their friends on this issue.

Seventy years ago, good Christian men and women in Germany turned their backs on their homosexual and Jewish friends. In their worst nightmares they never dreamed what that choice would mean.


Dr. Bruce Prescott said...

Thanks to Don Wilkey for calling my attention to the fact that the website for the Southern Baptist Convention's Ethics and Religious Liberty Commision promotes Gary DeMar's books. Here's a link.

Dr. Bruce Prescott said...

You'll have to type "DeMar" in the author box to get a list of books that the ERLC recommends.

Christopher said...

hey Bruce thank you for your blog . . . all of your posts are just the right size and your hyper-links lead to some interesting thought provoking ideas and news. you're good for a young baptist pastor's sanity!