Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Land Offers Half-Baked Theocracy

Ethics Daily is reporting that Richard Land denies the influence of Christian Reconstructionism on the leadership of the SBC. Meanwhile, as Bob Allen at Ethics Daily points out, the influence of Dominionism on Wiley Drake, current second Vice President of the Convention, is easily discerned.

Land is also promoting a book that he wrote to put a kinder and gentler face on the increasing influence that he is exercising over the GOP. The fact is, Land ranks fourth on the list of Christians who are attempting to exercise "dominion" over the secular and civic life of all Americans. When the next election nears, and Land cranks up his SBC paid get-out-the-values-voters political machine, you won't be hearing him calling people who "want to try to reconstruct a biblical country with Christians being the ones in control" kooks. Then he'll be rousing them to polls with the rhetoric of a culture war against the onslaught of secularism.

There are real differences between Christian Reconstructionism, Dominionism and Christian Nationalism. Land and most other Southern Baptists are Christian Nationalists who would settle for half of the loaf that Christian Reconstructionism would bake for America. Some Southern Baptists are Dominionists who want three quarters of the loaf. A few Southern Baptists want the whole loaf.

The half-baked idea that America is a Christian nation in which the Christian religion is privileged by government and by law rather than a pluralistic democracy in which the government and the law remain neutral in regard to religion is what all three movements within the Religious Right have on their plate.

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