Monday, January 16, 2006

Al Gore on Saving the Constitution

Common Dreams has posted the text of Al Gore's speech "'We the People' Must Save Our Constitution." Gore believes President Bush's actions threaten the foundations of our democracy and has called for the appointment of a special prosecutor to investigate unauthorized wiretapping of American citizens by the National Security Administration.

I gave a speech about Christians who believe that "Democracy is Heresy" to a group of prominent business and civic leaders in Oklahoma City last week. The reaction I received from some of them convinced me that there is little concern for democracy among some of the elites in our society. Their disdain for liberalism is greater than any conceivable threat that could be posed to democracy from the theocratic right.

I suspect that these same elites will discount anything that Gore says. America needs a conservative of conviction and integrity to issue a call to defend the constitution. We have a lot of conservatives with conviction and a few who have integrity, but none, so far, who have been willing to rise to the defense of the constitution.

In my view, nothing demonstrates the bankruptcy of conservative thought in America more than it's willingness to achieve its goals by sacrificing the constitutional "checks and balances" that undergird our system of law.

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