Wednesday, January 18, 2006

One Baptists' History

Howie Luvzus has posted a very interesting blog entitled "My History with Southern Baptists." Similar stories about the "back row" students at our seminaries could be told by literally thousands of other Southern Baptists. Here's a quote:

When the new BF & M came around, I talked openly with several others teaching at the institution who were Calvinists. I asked them about the statement on original sin. They disagreed with it, but signed it anyway. I had other problems with the document so I couldn't sign it. Now, I'm the heretic! They're just liars, but they have jobs! God Bless em'! Many other events happened there, but I don't wish to hurt anyone that I love. Several of the profs that retired or asked to leave were my friends. They loved the Bible as much as any one I know. I heard all sorts of things said about them behind their backs. I worked at the seminary motel and would constantly have to "straighten out" some of the slanderous things the "extension students" would say about the profs. It was sickening.

Howie explains the toxic environment of the SBC well. It's probably healthier to take your chances with the environmental toxicity of post-Katrina New Orleans, than to endanger your spiritual health in the current atmosphere of the Southern Baptist Convention.

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