Tuesday, January 17, 2006

On Baptists Blogging for Democracy

Ethics Daily has posted an insightful aricle by Brian Kaylor entitled Baptist Bloggers and Democracy that discusses the flap at the SBC's International Mission Board over trustee Wade Burleson's blogging.

Burleson is the latest in a long line of Baptist whistleblowers who have tried to expose the underhanded methods of SBC fundamentalists.

Whistleblowers are necessary for democracy to correct abuses of power. They are rarely recieved favorably, but when whistleblowers are completely silenced tyranny replaces democracy.

The SBC has been ruled by tyranny for two and a half decades. It's doubtful that Burleson wields a big enough whistle to put an end to it, but perhaps he'll mark the beginning of a new wave of resistance to the reign of spiritual terror that envelops the Southern Baptist Convention.

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