Saturday, January 28, 2006

Reviving the Dark Ages

Another day, another scandal from the America's "values voters" administration. If you're keeping score, they've already given us the largest scandals in voter disenfranchisement, corporate malfeasance, Presidential mendacity, pre-emptive warfare, torture and abuse of detainees, illegal wiretapping, and Congressional corruption in American history.

The latest scandal involves allegations that the U.S. Army in Iraq may be trying to force suspects to surrender by incarcerating their wives.

What neo-conservatives bill as a great "clash of civilizations" is a farce. The morality and activity of this administration is uncivilized.

That most evangelicals remain loyal to this President and his "I don't give a hoot what you think attitude" demonstrates their own incivility to the entire world. I just wish this unconscionable witness and testimony was not also destroying the credibility of the gospel and of the Christian faith before that same world.

Evangelical involvement in politics has not led to another "Great Awakening," it has brought a revival of the "Dark Ages."

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