Monday, January 23, 2006

Podcast: OU Students Discuss IID Turkey Trip

Dr. Bruce Prescott's 1-22-06 "Religous Talk" radio interview with four Religious Studies majors at the University of Oklahoma discussing a recent trip to Turkey that was sponsored by the Institute for Interfaith Dialog.

My guests are Barbara Schwartz-Brus, Cole Stephenson, Heather Stephenson, and Shereen Zaid. Part One introduces the guests, touches on the depth and diversity of the OU Religious Studies Program, introduces the work of the Institute for Interfaith Dialog, and highlights some of the most memorable moments of the trip. Part Two discusses the most challenging moments of the trip for the students and asks them to wrestle with the question whether it is fair to judge this Near Eastern country by Western standards.

The picture, taken on 1-3-06 at the Castle of Urfa, is of Heather Stephenson and a local Turkish girl named Dicem.

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