Monday, October 02, 2006

Dominionism at Southwestern Seminary

Ethics Daily has published a revealing report that "Seminary Speaker Advocates Christian Rule." Shelby sharpe, general counsel for the Southern Baptists of Texas, spoke to a full house in a Southwestern Seminary chapel service on September 5th and, in effect, advocated that Christians takeover the government to influence the culture.

The only sign of dissent from Christian Reconstructionism in Sharpe's sermon was a quick disclaimer that "We're not going to bring in the millenial kingdom. That's not going to happen." Other than this short signal that his eschatology envisions a pre-millenial Dominionism and not a post-millenial Reconstructionism, everything else Sharpe had to say is indistinguishable from Christian Reconstructionist theocratic political ideology.

The radical political agenda espoused in Sharpe's address is not exceptional in Baptist pulpits these days. It is unusual to find it so openly and forcefully avowed from the pulpit of a Southern Baptist institution.

Readers ought to watch the video of the chapel service for themselves to see how persuasively this sermon was delivered and how favorably it was received. Here's a link to the video.

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