Saturday, October 14, 2006

Greider on Paranoia

William Greider has an essay in Nation Magazine about "Paranoia Strikes Deep" that addresses the deep uneasiness within many Americans concerning the November elections. Here's a quote:

In the office elevator, I bumped into an old friend, a reporter from Dow Jones. (Yes, the Wall Street Journal and The Nation can co-exist in the same building (this is incestuous Washington and we all think of ourselves as kindred insiders). My friend is a smart and observant conservative who doesn't peddle cheap partisan opinions.

Democrats, he told me, won't get more than eight to ten seats in the House, forget the Senate. What? Why? Money and method, he said. Between blanketing TV with killer ads and turning out the righteous right-wing base, the Republicans are in the process of buying it one more time.


Michael Westmoreland-White said...

This is my fear--along with rigging voting machines and other dirty tricks, plus the way that gerrymandered districts have made only a handful of seats competitive.

But if we think the election has been stolen, we have GOT to take to the streets. What shames me as an American is that we do not seem willing to fight for our democracy. Gore tamely gave up. Kerry wouldn't even investigate Ohio. In the Ukraine and elsewhere, they refused to accept a stolen election. Even Mexico TRIED to keep the election from being stolen. But Americans just take it and go back to cable TV. And the world pays for our lack of commitment to democracy with more wars, with an admin that refuses to work on global warming, etc.

It's shameful.

humblebarfly said...

I agree with Michael. I am afraid that, thanks to voting machine fraud which appeared to take place more than a dozen states in 2004, the Democrats will "lose" every election they carry by less than a 5% (or more?) margin. This will be explained by the "turnout" of the religious right.