Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Preachers Leading GOP Get-Out-The-Vote Drive

The LA Times published an interesting story about "Pastors Guiding Voters to GOP." Texas Southern Baptist pastor Rick Scarborough is among those mentioned as leading vote getting efforts. Here's a quote:

The Rev. Rick Scarborough, a leading evangelical in Texas, has recruited 5,000 "patriot pastors" nationwide to promote an agenda that aligns neatly with Republican platforms. "We urge them to avoid legal entanglement, but there are times in a pastor's life when he needs to take a biblical stand," Scarborough said. "Our higher calling is to Christ."

The campaign encourages individual pastors to use sermons, Bible studies and rallies to drive Christians to the polls -- and, by implication or outright endorsement, to Republican candidates.
These preachers are demonstrating a remarkable capacity to ignore every sign of scandal, incompetence, decadence and corruption within the GOP.


P.M. Prescott said...

True believers don't need empirical evidence to support their faith.
Pied Pipers of doom in the name of the Lord. Anyone for another Children's Crusade?

TammyJo58 said...

I believe now IS the time for men of God to take a stand from the pulpit; a stand against WAR, a stand against TORTURE, a stand against the DOUBLE STANDARD exhibited in our government, etc.. When that starts to happen, maybe some of these pastors won't be so ashamed when they are called to account for their actions or lack thereof.

Daniel said...

I'm sure the IRS is aware of the LA Times story and the list and will be watching now.

I see nothing wrong with Pastors encouraging their conregants to get involved in the political process, because it does affect their lives and they should be involved. I do have a problem with Pastors telling their congregants who they should vote for. If a Pastor wants to talk about specific biblical principles that would be ok, but when he starts talking about individual politicians, he crosses the line. With me and with the IRS, as far as I understand it.