Tuesday, October 24, 2006

On Racists Running For Public Office

The Southern Poverty Law Center's Intelligence Report has published a story about "Electing Extremism" that identifies a number of racist candidates who are running for political office in several states. The article identifies a political strategy set forth by white supremecist David Duke. Here's a quote:

"State representative races can be won with modest budgets and small staffs, while affording the winner possible major media attention and the ability to file and promote legislation that can materially improve our people's plight," proclaimed Duke, citing personal experience.

"Most importantly, a state representative office is winnable for political novices and provides an excellent springboard for higher office."

This electoral strategy for building an extremist political movement in the U.S. was recently echoed by neo-Nazi John Ubele in an essay posted on the website of the Nationalist Coalition, a white nationalist group. In "The 2006 Elections: A Call to Action," Ubele expounds upon the positive uses of local campaigns, even failed ones, in helping lay the groundwork for a "national pro-White political party." These include heightened exposure for extremist ideas and organizational and management experience for activists.

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foxofbama said...

Yesterday I shook hands with a friend of mine, relatively recent grad of Samford University, who also happens to be the son of a staffer at Roy Moore's base church, Crosspoint, in Gadsden Alabama.
Christopher Word, about 27 years old is running for the Alabama State House. He is passionate about Constitutional Reform, in fact was present in January 2002 on the steps of the state capitol with some of the leading ecumenical voices in the state including a strong contingent of CBF folks for a media event for Const Reform.
He is active at Crosspoint and otherwise carries the Roy Moore cause, something that troubles me no end.
but I think he is a work in progress and continues to have his ear open to tom Corts and others.
Even so something I hope you blog about tomorrow is the three day discussion unfolding at The New Republic online www.tnr.org between Amy Sullivan and a friend.
Amy seems to shortchanging Goldberg and Balmer out of the gate and that disturbs me.
I have the direct link in the Truett Cathy thread at www.baptistlife.com
Hoping you will engage.
Stephen Fox
Collinsville, Al