Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Regarding Steve Martin's Fall Break

Steve Martin, producer of the Theologians Under Hitler video, has a thought provoking essay on the Talk to Action website about "What I Did on My Fall Break." He took his young children to Philadelphia to see the Liberty Bell, but they saw something else. Here's a quote:

The thing we had to explain was different than what the "Choice Truck" people wanted us to talk about. We didn't talk about the evils of abortion, how the doctor had advised us to "selectively reduce" our triplet pregnancy to insure the health of one or two of our children, and how we chose life, and how they should too. We talked instead about fanatics who do disgusting and morally reprehensible things, how some people choose the wrong venue to make statements. We talked about how sorry we were that they had seen these ghastly sights in a place that celebrates the best of America, a place supposedly safe for families. We were disgusted, yes: not by abortion, but by abortion protesters.

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