Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Regarding School Shootings

The best news analysis I've seen is at the Christian Science Monitor in a report entitled, "A Pattern in Rural School Shootings: Girls as Targets."

The best blog I've seen is by Michael Broadway in a blog on "Earth as it is in Heaven". Thanks to Michael Westmoreland-White at the Mainstream Baptists group blog for calling attention to it.

Broadway does a good job of expressing the bewilderment, frustration and concern that many of us feel about these senseless acts of violence.

This violence must have some connection with the aggressiveness that our society condones and encourages in the male psyche.

That the victims were very young and female also indicates that the perpetrators were searching for very weak and vulnerable subjects over which to exercise power -- signifying an internalized impotence in relation to strong and mature femininity.

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