Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Fox News Plants Actor in GOP Focus Groups

Fox News, the most trusted news source for most conservatives, has been caught planting an actor in focus groups providing televised feedback from Republican voters.

Here's a link to the story with video of the actor who was supposedly randomly selected for focus groups on both 1/6/08 and 9/5/07.


Jeff the Baptist said...

So you're saying that FOX News, which has a deliberately slanted focus group, is worse than CNN which had a deliberately slanted debate?

Dr. Bruce Prescott said...


I'm not a fan of CNN news either.

We can agree on that one.

Paul said...

BBC is as good as it gets for me - I'm mostly bedridden and get almost all my news from the radio. They're particularly (and depressingly) good on the environment.

Jeff the Baptist said...

In theory, Fox News as a balancing news source is nice. Fox News isn't balanced, but it could be balancing if you watch other stations too.

In practice, Fox News is covering the same garbage as everyone else. What do I care about balanced coverage of BS stories? Right wing garbage still smells just as bad as left-wing garbage. As if I care about Laci Peterson or Britney or Britney's little sister. It's like our major media outlets have all turned into junior high school lunch tables.

The wife and I also watch BBC News on BBC America a fair bit. It's nice because they aren't doing the exact same thing as US media outlets. But watching it is a little odd. For instance, you really hear the York and Hampshire in New York and New Hampshire when an Englishman says it. I suppose thats silly of me, but oh well.