Friday, August 08, 2008

PFAW's Take on Richard Land

Kyle at People for the American Way has posted an expose of some of Richard Land's most recent electioneering activity. Land is Director of the Southern Baptist Convention's Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission. Here's a quote:
Land goes on to rule out potential VP’s like Joe Lieberman and Tom Ridge while praising Mike Hucakbee, Sarah Palin, Mitt Romney, and Eric Cantor, and reiterating his attack that Barack Obama is the “most radically pro-abortion candidate to ever be nominated by a major party” and predicting that Obama will have no success in his efforts to “peel off a sizeable chunk of white evangelicals” because they have no intention of “surrendering their pro-life values.”

But still Land insists that not only is he not endorsing any candidate, he’s not even supporting one, while still making his preference clear to anyone who can connect the dots:
Why do Southern Baptists put up with someone who shades the truth as the head of their ethics agency? Why would people supposedly concerned with ultimate truth put up with anything but absolute honesty from any of their leaders.

What kind of witness is this?


HumbleBarFly said...

It really bothers me when someone with Land's religious "credentials" says Obama (or anyone else) is "pro abortion". This is the kind of speech you expect from a politician; hearing if from a leader of the SBC is very discouraging. Would Land want to be characterized as generally "pro war" because of past positions that he taken in specific situations? I doubt it.

Jim Paslay said...


Obama is pro-abortion. You may not like the term, but Obama hasn't met an abortion he doesn't like. People in this country will find out by November of his very liberal voting record. As long as democrats keep giving us liberal candidates for President, they will keep losing!

Rodney Dunning said...

Obama's record and positions are summarized at

and (quotes from Obama addressing abortion).

Rodney Dunning

Tauratinzwe said...

"Why do Southern Baptists put up with someone who shades the truth as the head of their ethics agency?"

Because Southern Baptists sacrificed ethics and honesty when they transferred leadership to the current mob.

Most Ethical Baptists are no longer Southern Baptists, unfortunately, and most Southern Baptists are no longer Ethical Baptists.