Friday, August 22, 2008

Searching for a Green Ending to the Energy Crisis

In the current issue of Economist Magazine, Joseph J. Romm offers a smorgasbord of low-carbon energy technology as a solution to both global warming and the energy crisis. Here's his recipe:

* Concentrated solar thermal electric: 1,600 gigawatts peak power
* Nuclear: 700 new gigawatt-sized plants (plus 300 replacement plants)
* Coal: 800 gigawatt-sized plants with all the carbon captured and permanently sequestered
* Solar photovoltaics: 3,000 gigawatts peak power
* Efficient buildings: savings totalling 5 million gigawatt-hours
* Efficient industry: savings totalling 5 million gigawatt-hours, including co-generation and heat recovery
* Wind power: 1 million large wind turbines (2 megawatts peak power)
* Vehicle efficiency: all cars 60 miles per US gallon
* Wind for vehicles: 2,000 gigawatts wind, with most cars plug-in hybrid-electric vehicles or pure electric vehicles
* Cellulosic biofuels: using up to one-sixth of the world’s cropland
* Forestry: end all tropical deforestation

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