Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Centrist Christians to Reshape Politics

The Baptist Center for Ethics (BCE) is announcing a conference on faith and politics with the theme "Living from the Big Bible: Reshaping American Politics" that will be held in Nashville on May 2-3.

BCE Director Robert Parham says the religious right ignores most of the Bible:
They read a "small Bible," he says, speaking only to a few issues, like abortion and gay marriage. The "big Bible," he says, addresses both personal morality and social justice, speaking to an array of issues.

Speakers include Jean Carnahan, former Senator from Missouri, Susan Pace Hamill, law professor at the University of Alabama, and Miguel De La Torre, professor of Ethics at Hope College.

This looks like a very interesting conference. Hearing Hamill and De La Torre together makes it worth double the price of air fare. I've got this one on my calendar.

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