Monday, March 14, 2005

Dominionist Takeover Strategy

Katherine Yurika at the Yurika Report has an interesting analysis of Bush's 2nd inaugural address. She provides some interesting quotes from a Dominionist book, America's Providential History, that she calls a "home school classic:"
"If Christians in every locality became a controlling influence in a political party after two years of serving there consistently, then every godly representative in the state legislatures and the Congress could be replaced within six years to work with a godly president."

"If we work for more godly representatives in 2/3 of the state legislatures then we can bypass Congress and call a new Constitutional Convention to clean up all of the mess we have made of it in the past 200 years! Then with godly state legislatures, the odds are good that delegates appointed by them to a new Convention will be godly and wise as well."

Every Mainstream Baptist and anyone familiar with the history of the Southern Baptist Convention over the last 25 years will see a striking resemblance between the strategy of Dominionism and the successful Fundamentalist strategy to takeover the SBC. Here's a summary of that strategy:

In the late 1970s two men, Paige Patterson and Paul Pressler, devised a plan to takeover the Southern Baptist Convention and change its direction. . . . Patterson and Pressler studied the SBC's constitution and bylaws and discovered that the convention was ultimately controlled by the appointment powers of the president. By electing change minded presidents for ten consecutive years and having those presidents appoint only change minded people to serve as trustees, within ten years they could replace the heads of all SBC institutions and agencies with change minded administrators. Beginning in 1979, that is what they did.

The similarities between the Dominionist strategy and the SBC Fundamentalist strategy should come as no surprise. The possibility of developing and implementing such a strategy was exactly what Dominionist Gary North was talking about when he interviewed Paul Pressler, the architect of the Fundamentalist takeover of the SBC, in a radio interview in 1985. That radio interview is noteworthy because it was the first time that the Fundamentalists publicly explained their takeover strategy.

I've ordered a copy of America's Providential History and will give more analysis after I have had an opportunity to read it myself. Meanwhile, the Jesus Politics blog posted a link to buddenblog which has posted a review of the book that appeared in the February issue of Harper's Magazine.

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