Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Looking for Centrist Baptist Bloggers

Robert Parham at Ethics Daily has posted an essay asking "Where are the Centrist Baptist Bloggers?" Parham gives a list of mainstream Baptists who are blogging and builds a strong case for more Moderates to get involved in blogging. Here's a quote:

What is clear, and regrettable, is that once again moderate Baptists have been slow to take advantage of technology for the sake of their religious convictions.

Review broadly the church's use of communication technology. Moderate Baptists and mainline Protestants were slow to utilize radio. Fundamentalists rushed to radio. Moderate Baptists and mainline Protestants were tepid about TV. Fundamentalists hustled to TV. Moderate Baptists and mainline Protests were tentative about the World Wide Web. Fundamentalists dashed toward the Internet.

For all of fundamentalism's anti-science ideology and phobia, one must give fundamentalist leaders credit for their rapid embrace of technology and entrepreneurial spirit. They believe in their call and cause. They use technology to advance their values and mission.

Moderate Baptists and mainline Protestants, on the other hand, take an Amish approach to technology without the Amish moral conviction.

Too many moderate Baptists and mainline Protestants prefer weather-beaten Interstate billboards to constituency-building Internet Web sites. We favor print media with two-week-old or older stories instead of paperless media in a 24-7 world. It is no wonder growth is minimal, influence is questionable and relevance is doubtful.

We simply must do better, much better and much better now.
I strongly commend Parham's recommendation. I will be enlisting several of the bloggers that Parham lists and others for a "Mainstream Baptists" group blog where you'll be able to read and comment on some of their best work at a single location.

I'll be working to see if we can't kick-off this group blog today.


Looney said...

"For all of fundamentalism's anti-science ideology and phobia ..."

Being at a relatively fundamentalist church in Silicon Valley with a few dozen science Ph.Ds, it is difficult for me to imagine a more stupid statement. In fact, technology companies like fundamentalist scientists, because they are steady workers and (slightly) less prone to shenanigans.

Other than that, centrism is cool!

Howie Luvzus said...

I'd like to be a part of this group. My major focus is Church/State issues, but I like to critique politics as well.


Greek Shadow said...

Technology is merely the practical application of science. Fundamentalists love the technology that science provides, but fight pure science tooth and nail. Pure science is about pushing the envelope and discovering new knowledge. Fundamentalists want only the status quo.
Fundamentalist may embrace electronic technology, but biological expansion they consider to playing God. It took nearly a century for the fundies to accept that vaccinating against small pox was a good idea and not meddling with the Will Of God. The birth control pill had to be done in secret and placed on the market as a fait acompli to keep it from being stomped on by the Religious Fanatics. Now they are fighting Stem Cell and other scientific advances in medicine. They never stop.

TVA said...

It's a fascinating thesis and one that holds quite a bit of water. I've noted some similar observances about the fundamentalists embrace of technology (while running away from science in general) in books such as Kevin Phillip's American Theocracy.
I like the idea of a blog list or portal for centrist baptists and look forward to seeing what comes of the effort.

Gramps Curtis said...

I've not heard the term "centrist" baptist bloggers... can you describe, please?
This blogsite interests me...

Computer Preacher
Hillsboro OH

Gramps Curtis said...

Tell me something...
IITim 3:16,17 tell us that scripture prepares us for ALL good works... Does than not also include computing?
I am often saddened by the critical use of technology in the pulpit but never in the message... at least connected with scripture.
Does it disturb you that our preschool grandchildren can use computers better than we adults and yet church lessons in class or worship never show the powerful principles as promised in Timothy? How about we quit using cowboy and dinosoar themes in place of God's precious word. Details provided on request without any solicitation.
Psalms 71:18
Computer Preacher
Hillsboro OH