Saturday, October 07, 2006

The Myth of Richard Land as Centrist

Contra Costa Times has published a story about Richard Land that attempts to present him as a centrist.

The journalist failed to note the role that Richard Land has played as lapdog for the current administration. He has led the cheers for pre-emptive war in Iraq, championed the use of torture in interrogations, and condoned the repeal of civil liberties.

The most obvious place where Richard Land is in the center is in the middle of Karl Rove's lap.


Big Daddy Weave said...

Funny last line.

If Land is a centrist, God help us all...

Michael Westmoreland-White said...

Land IS in the Center: the center of the struggle to destroy religious liberty and church-state separation; the center of the movement to re-write Baptist history; the center of those clergy who have been propaganda machines for government war efforts and now apologists for torture (the return of the Court Prophet); the Center of WHAT IS WRONG WITH AMERICAN CHRISTIANITY.

Dr. Danny Chisholm said...

that is an unbelievable thought. that would never have entered my mind.

foxofbama said...

Bruce: Hope you or someone at ethicsdaily explores this furhter.
Have you read Tom Edsall's new book yet, Building Red America, with his exposition on two lengthy quotes of Land and Ronnie Floyd?
Must reading for you immediately.
I cannot understand how folks support BWA, are against BFM 2000 yet refuse to stand up in State conventions and demand their state convention defund Land's ERLC in the Cooperative Program monies that are channelled out to the SBC.
I hope you come back to Land weekly between now and state convention times, with a particular look at Alabama in light of bob Terry's treatise last week on the Cooperative Program