Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Baptists Relief Efforts

Virtually all Baptist churches and organizations are involved in efforts to aid the victims of Hurricane Katrina.

Here are a few of the efforts of which I am personally aware and recommend for those who are looking for places to make donations:

In Alabama: Alabama Cooperative Baptist Fellowship

In Louisiana: The Cooperative Baptist Fellowship of Louisiana

In Mississippi: The Cooperative Baptist Fellowship of Mississippi

In Austin: First Baptist Church

In Dallas: Wilshire Baptist Church

In Houston: South Main Baptist Church
South Main Baptist Church of Pasadena
University Baptist Church of Clear Lake

In San Antonio: Trinity Baptist Church

Throughout Texas: The Baptist General Convention of Texas
The Cooperative Baptist Fellowship of Texas

In Oklahoma: The Cooperating Baptist Fellowship of Oklahoma

Across the Country: The Cooperative Baptist Fellowship


Marty said...

FYI ...South Main BC of Pasadena is on hold. They are ready to accept refugees, but the Red Cross has them on hold. University Baptist is helping us in a huge way. I think they have sent more volunteers to us than any other church. They are amazing!

TammyJo58 said...


Marion Baptist Association (Florida Baptist Convention) of which my church is a member, has gathered critical need items and left Monday for New Orleans.

The middle school I teach at (Williston Middle) and the elementary school my son attends are both raising funds to send to the Red Cross.

God Bless,