Friday, August 12, 2005

How Intelligence to Congress was Fixed

Raw Story has broken a story about how the Senate Intelligence chairman "fixed intelligence" and "diverted blame" from the Whitehouse over Iraq.

The bottomline: key leaders betrayed our trust. They used claims for a need for secrecy as a means to fix intelligence and secure a preconceived policy objective -- going to war with Iraq.

They knew that, had the intelligence been handled openly and honestly, they were unlikely to achieve their objective.

Now that the deceptions and manipulations of our leaders are coming to light, how will any future leader be able to secure our trust if it is ever really necessary to restrict the free flow of information to key leaders?

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grandma1 said...

How muddy can you get. When your in mud up to your neck, all you can do is throw mud ar everyone else. That way they can't see how muddy you are.

Where oh where is Clinton, his little moral lapse is nothing compared to this mess. We have all those young men dying and a nation of civilians dying. All of this to satisfy someones ego. Or does he think his is going to convert the world?