Thursday, August 18, 2005

North Carolina Convention Snubs CBF

The Biblical Recorder has reported that the board of directors of the Baptist Convention in North Carolina has decided that churches giving to Cooperative Baptist Fellowship through the convention will no longer be credited with "Cooperative Program" giving.

Board members gave numerous explanations for why this action was taken. All of them ignored the issue that is at the heart of the action. The real issue is whether the SBC loyalists, who now hold a narrow majority on the convention's board, will respect those who support the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship as equals in the work of the state convention. They won't.

Despite all the talk about how this will help unite the state convention, it won't. This is just another step in the Fundamentalist's plan to eventually expel those who support CBF from the convention. Those who suggest that the objectives of Fundamentalists leading North Carolina are different from those of the Fundamentalists leading the national convention are either lying or deluding themselves.

SBC Fundamentalism is essentially a movement to "purify" the convention and those who support CBF are "impure" in their eyes.

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