Wednesday, August 31, 2005

On Reducing God to a 4% Gap

While creationists and intelligent designers are still railing about all the gaps in the theory of evolution, today's Financial Times is publishing news that "Chimp and Human DNA found to be 96% identical."

That leaves their "God of the gaps" a whopping 4% cushion.

When the genetic evidence for evolution is examined, the real problem for creationists and intelligent designers is: "Why is there so much 'junk DNA' in the genetic code of both humans and chimps and why is 96% of it exactly the same?" (If I understand what scientists mean by 'junk DNA' correctly, it is superfluous, inactive material that has accumulated in the genetic code over the course of evolution)

Neither creationists nor intelligent designers like to deal with the evidence from DNA. Their God is clearly too small. I prefer to believe in a God who is big enough to accomplish his biological purposes through the processes of nature.

The Imago Dei is not to be found in the 96% of DNA that we share with chimps. It's not in the 4% we don't share with them either. The image of God is spiritual, not biological.

NOTE: An article in the 9/1/05 Miami Herald places the percentage of identical DNA between chimps and humans at 99%. Here's a link.

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