Friday, August 26, 2005

Sutton's Scholarship Slipping

Jerry Sutton, VP of the SBC, in a TV appearance on Chris Matthew's Hardball did his best to obscure the gravity of Pat Robertson's call for the "assassination" of the President of Venezuela.

While Sutton agreed that Robertson's statement regarding Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez was unchristian, he ignorantly insisted that Robertson did not use the word "assassinate."

Sutton earned his degrees before fundamentalists took over the SBC and changed the standards for scholarship. He knows better than to depend on research derived from secondary sources.


Motherlode said...

It seemed to me that Sutton went dangerously further than even this. At one point he seemed to be wading into a "just assassination" argument. And it bothered me terribly how glib and cheerful he appeared, unbecoming to a "man of God." He certainly offered a poor example of a Christian bearing testimony to an unbelieving world. I cringed throughout his appearance.

MsPenni said...

Robertson needs to own up to his unchristian behavior, appologize and start thinking before he speaks. Other people need to stop covering up for him, or make excusses and say no comment to all the reporters that won't let this horse dye.
We all sin... some just do it in front of the whole world.

Greek Shadow said...

The Moral Mafia never admits they are wrong. That would be a sign of weakness, and they would lose everything. Their whole house of cards is built on a king-of-the-hill mentality.

Scott Slayton said...

As a very conservative Christian, I want to say that Pat Robertson and Jerry Falwell do not speak for me. What they represent I do not recognize as Christianity.
At the same time, I think that you need to take a few classes at Southern Seminary and you will find out that scholarship is alive and well. I had to work hard for the degree that I earned there. You cannot skate through just by follwing the party line.