Monday, July 11, 2005

Podcast: Peak Oil

Dr. Bruce Prescott's 7/10/05 Religious Talk radio interview of Oklahoma City Petroleum Geologist Bob Stephenson. Stephenson talks about "Peak Oil," the escalating price of gasoline, the impact of China on demand for oil, and the critical need for our country to develop an energy policy (openly, not secretly) that will reduce our dependence on oil.


Bubba said...

Just how in the world do you justify having a discussion about oil on a show called "Religious Talk"?

Is it the same justification for having a site called "Mainstream Baptists" when you are clearly a partisan leftist?

Is it the same justification for your seeming to turn a blind eye to church-state interaction when it's politically convenient to do so?

It seems to me that you want to wrap your far-left political agenda in a veneer of Christianity and moderate politics.

The veneer gets thinner every day.

Dr. Bruce Prescott said...


By now I thought all Christians could agree that the need for an energy policy on the use of natural resources was a matter of Christian stewardship.

Obviously, some Christians still don't take such stewardship seriously.

Bubba said...

Yeah, obviously; because I think you're using your radio show that is supposedly about religious issues to advance a political agenda, I'm not serious about the Christian principle of stewardship.


Bruce, you think that the Christian principle of stewardship should influence the government's energy policy, right? But the Christian principles about sexuality should have no influence on our marriage laws because that would be theocratic, right?

Do you really think that religion should stay out of politics, or not? Or does your position on church-state separation hinge on what's politically convenient?

Dr. Bruce Prescott said...


Listen to the pocast.

You are speaking from ignorance.

dag said...

Great! I hope the church becomes more involved in the "peak oil" issue. Christians should take a leadership role in the transistion to come.

Bubba said...

dag's right, but -- by Golly -- we better not say a word about things like sexuality. Don't want to be accused of being theocrats, after all.