Monday, August 08, 2005

Baptist Dies in Iraq

AlterNet has published an article by a Vietnam veteran about a young man he knew that died recently in Iraq. His discussion of the young man's faith caught my attention:

Christopher was a pretty gentle and easy-going kid. If someone said to him, "Hey let's go shoot some kids from Sealy," a rival school, he would obviously have said, "You're crazy -- get lost!" But Iraqis, why, it's open season.

He only saw the differences. He had somehow developed enough hatred to override his sense of right and wrong, and any teaching of love of fellow man. He went to the Southern Baptist Church here, and I know it was taught to him. On the other hand, the president of the Southern Baptist convention declared this a "just war." A little hypocrisy there and probably confusing for Christopher.


grandma1 said...

To brain wash a young persons mind to this extent is sooo wrong. Yes a solider has to come to some understanding about what they are doing. But to enjoy it so much is just terribly wrong. I remember some of the stories and nightmares your Uncle Gray use to tell about WWII and he wasn't spiritual at all. So many of our young men dying over there. They are my grandsons ages and it terrifys me. I have lived with being a pre-teen in WWII and having hubby in during Korean War. You and your brother in draft for Viet Nam. Now all my grandsons in this mess. Haven't we learned some way to settle things without guns and bombs. Maybe I need to read your book you suggested after all.

Marty said...

My son has been called a reprobate by an SBC minister because he hasn't attended church in quite some time. Perhaps I should be thankful that he hasn't attended church. This is a comment my son made on your blogpost entitled "What are we Fighting For":

"I joined because I wanted to be a part of a fight I felt was just. Almost 4 years later and my 15 months in Iraq, I can safely say we have done nothing but make the world a much more dangerous place than it was. We have given the "enemy" a much more larger reason to fight."