Friday, August 12, 2005

Carter vs. Land

Kudos to Joe Trull for his outstanding essay, "Women and the SBC: Carter vs. Land" that is published today on Ethics Daily. His comparison of their recent remarks about women in the church does an excellent job of revealing the spirit that animates the work of each man.

Those with discerning spirits will know whether or not the Spirit that fills their heart and prompts their words on this issue is holy.


grandma1 said...

Always have liked Carter, so sorry that the Washinton establishment wouldn't let him run the country. But he has done lots of good sence the Republican pushed him out.

MsPenni said...

There have been many a good women that the Lord has spoken through, it's just a shame that some men have to be so narrowminded. I wonder if Land treats his mother or is wife like a cow.
I for one have a great respect for former President Carter. (He walks the walk, not just talk.)