Friday, August 05, 2005

How Do Ya Like Them Apples?

The Washington Post has an article today that explains "Why the Red Delicious No Longer Is."

Modern science has proven less than marvellous trying to improve apples.


grandma1 said...

I knew there must be some reason I did't like apples anymore. The best apple I ever remember eating was in California. When you were about 5. We lived in El Toro Marine base, out side of Santa Ana, California. We went to an apple orchard and had Roma apples just off the tree. I've never had another apple that tasted like that one. Your father still like the old red delicious ones ugh.

Oh well your point was we can mess with things too much. But that doesn't apply to stem cell research. The more we learn the more Alzheimers and other things can be stopped. Dallas Morning News still hashing this over today.

I can't believe the state legislature still holding up school money. School is suppose to start on the 15th. What is school district thinking that the book money is not in place already. Books are ordered in the spring not just before school starts. You can't process books that quickly. I am looking at things from the inside and I quess they just don't think.

Marty said...

"Am I the only one who sees the incongruity here between Bruce's concern about apples and his non-chalance about the destruction of human life?"

Golly, isn't it just amazing how two people can read the same post and form completely different opinions about it?

Grandma1, my husband works for a school district in the maintenance department in the Houston area. He is a painter. Just this past spring they didn't have money to purchase paint and had him mowing grass and moving furniture, plus his job was in the balance with threats of layoffs (again). They were borrowing money from Peter to pay Paul This summer they've worked him to death with overtime.. Go figure.

Marty said...

OH...that was painting..