Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Podcast: Hali Thomas

Hali Thomas, Flutist extraordinaire, leaves Norman tomorrow to begin her studies at Mercer University. In the picture above, Hali is the sightly blond. The attractive brunette beside her is her sister Andi. They are the daughters of T and Kathie Thomas.

The boys in Norman aren't the only ones who will be missing Hali. She's an accomplished flutist and she frequently blessed the members of NorthHaven Church in Norman with her music.

Here's a link to her most recent solo at NorthHaven and a link to another solo she did a couple months ago.

You can be sure that some boys in Georgia will soon be acquiring an interest in the sound of the flute. I suspect that this pied piper might be leading some of them right into a good CBF church. My advice to anyone who wants to win her heart is to learn to speak French. This girl might drive a black pickup and listen to country & western music, but she could be equally at home in haute couture.

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SpookyRach said...

What a neat person!