Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Busy Day

I haven't had time to blog today. I spent the day with a film crew that is doing a documentary on Brittany Spears' childhood. I was suppose to give them some perspective on Southern Baptist beliefs about women and the family. They asked about a lot more than that.

The crew took more than six hours to shoot 2 hours of video. There's no way to tell what will end up in the documentary.


Anonymous said...

DADDY! ELCH! Britney Spears! She is my age! Hopefully those people will not make you look bad. It is quite ironic my Dad has the possibility of being on a Britney Spears documentary!

Dr. Bruce Prescott said...


Glad to see you've got an internet connection at your new home.

It was strange to be talking about a celebrity the same age as my daughter.

educat said...

I would be interested to hear how Britney Spear's behavior could be chalked up to a Baptist upbringing, except to hear that she has ignored most of it.

Anonymous said...

I believe the media's intent will be the usual thing of making a church or Christian denomination look bad. Why not take a look into how entertainment media has ruined many lives. Of course, not all entertainment media is bad, but now days the majority of it is.