Thursday, June 09, 2005

Controversy Brewing over Downing Street Memo

A controversy is brewing about official responses that are being given to the information disclosed in the Downing Street Memo.

Yesterday, at a press conference, a reporter asked President Bush and British Prime Minister Tony Blair about the memo. The reporter asked whether, as the Downing Street memo alleges, "intelligence and facts were being fixed around the policy of removing Saddam through military action."

Blair's response ignored the question about whether the "policy" to go to war had already been fixed at the time of the memo and responded as if the question was about whether the "facts" were being fixed. He said,
"Well, I can respond to that very easily. No, the facts were not being fixed in any shape or form at all. And let me remind you that that memorandum was written before we then went to the United Nations."

Raw Story has posted information that suggests that media reports may have been edited to give the appearance that Blair answered the reporter's question.

Rob's Blog has posted a blog that highlights the fact that retired Gen. Colin Powell also dodged the question about the "policy" when he was asked about the Downing Street memo on the Daily Show.

Buzz Flash has posted an interview with Congressman John Conyers who has called the memo "a smoking gun" that proves the duplicity of the current administration.

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Dr. Mike Kear said...

I ranted in a comment on your earlier Kelly Ogle post something about the credibility and integrity of the Main Stream Media. Well, examining the Downing Street Memo would be a great way for the MSM to restore a bit of credibility to itself. Let's investigate, if there's nothing to hide, there's nothing to fear.