Monday, August 01, 2005

Bush Kicks Senate with Bolton Appointment

News reports indicate that President Bush has appointed neo-conservative waterboy John Bolton to be Ambassador to the United Nations.

In confirmation hearings Bolton was described as having a classic "kiss up, kick down" personality. There's plenty more about Bolton in James Mann's Rise of the Vulcans: The History of Bush's War Cabinet.

It looks like our Emporer picked up a few pointers from Bolton on how to deal with his underlings at the United States Senate. Since they wouldn't confirm him, he gave Bolton a "recess appointment." Thus kicking down at the Senate and kissing up to the neo-conservative empire builders in his administration.

In an administration replete with examples of abysmally poor judgment in making appointments to positions of vital importance, this stands out as one of the worst. I would say it was the worst, but Bush has still got 3 1/2 more years to top it.


Bubba said...

So, let's see...

Jimmy Carter should be praised for condemning Gitmo when he's never met a dictator he didn't like, and when he hasn't said much about the political prisoners on the rest of the island. Last time he visited Castro, he was an apologist and a propaganda tool for the dictator.

At the same time, Bush is an "Emporer" (sic) for exercising his legal political power to make a recess appointment, and Southern Baptists comprise "America's War Denomination.

But don't forget: LOVE YOUR ENEMIES!

When conservative Christians defend Gitmo, they should heed Christ's warning in Matthew 25:31-46 -- just as conservative Christians apparently defied Matthew 19:23-24 when they voted for Bush.

But don't forget to watch for charlatans who mask their deception in the trappings of Christianity.

Speck and mote, Bruce. Speck and mote.

I'm fairly certain that you don't have the stomach to leave this comment unmolested, but you confirm everything I've ever thought about you, Bruce.

If Bush's recess appointment of a UN ambassador prompts you to invoke the imagery of an empire, you are truly lost in your own delusional rage.

Dr. Bruce Prescott said...


I think you need to re-examine your allegiances.

That's the most loving thing that I can say to you.

Bubba said...

I appreciate the fact that you haven't removed my comment (this time), but I wonder what specifically you mean by that comment.

Will you please explain yourself?

P.M. Prescott said...

Bubba, back to heckle by this name. Get a life. If you don't like the comments made here change the channel.

Bubba said...

And if you don't like the comments I make in response to Bruce, you can ignore them.

PedroElan said...

What's wrong with recess appointments? Just about every president since Washington (and yes, including Washington) has used the recess appointment to tap someone whom the Senate wouldn't confirm.

TammyJo58 said...


What's wrong with THIS PARTICULAR appointment is that there were serious doubts on both sides of the senate about whether Bolton was the right man for the job. There will be some Republicans disappointed by this also.

By the way, Dr. Prescott have you ever visited the public christian website? You might want to visit.

God Bless,

PedroElan said...

Presidents are clearly empowered by law to make recess appointments. They all have done it, and most have used such power to appoint controversial and/or divisive nominees. It's actually a tactic that's been around as long or longer than the filibuster.

What gives any less of a right to use it for a divisive choice than, say, Bill Clinton or Jimmy Carter?

Bubba said...

Pedro, you know the answer to that question: for a lot of people here, it's the "who", not the "what". George Bush can do nothing right, not because he's constantly behaving like an "Emporer" (sic) but because he's George Bush.

Tammy, I have a real simple question for you to ponder; you don't have to answer here. If so many Senators didn't want Bolton to be UN ambassador, why wasn't he allowed a confirmation vote and voted down?

Are some Republicans in the Senate upset by this? Well, a lot of conservatives throughout the country are upset at them for not having the intestinal fortitude to do their job and get up-or-down votes for Bush's appointees -- all for the sake of "getting along" when people like Kennedy and Durbin are proving themselves to be capable of the vilest sort of rhetoric.