Friday, May 06, 2005

Another Chapter in the OK City Saga

Ethics Daily is running a story today highlighting the fact that our Interfaith Day of Prayer and Reflection may be used as a national model by Americans United.

The article says First Baptist Pastor Tom Ogburn on Thursday told that "the event in question turned out to be different from the way it was described when staff members agreed to open the church's doors to Prescott's group."

I did not personally discuss the meeting with staff before it was cancelled, but anyone can observe that the church's own press release belies that assertion. Staff clearly knew that the meeting would be with Barry Lynn and that it would involve a "question and answer" session.

Apparently, the staff expected us to hold a secret meeting that would not be publicly announced. Neither Americans United nor Mainstream Baptists hold secret meetings.

For more information about the Interfaith Day of Prayer and Reflection at the State Capitol, here are links to coverage before the event from BeliefNet and the San Francisco Chronicle. Here's a link after the event from The Oklahoman.

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