Thursday, May 05, 2005

The Saga Continues

After First Baptist Church of Oklahoma City assured that the Second Annual Interfaith Day of Prayer and Reflection in Oklahoma City would be politicized before he arrived, Barry Lynn arrived last night and already has at least one national TV interview scheduled today.

Ethics Daily has the latest story in the print media.


Bootleg Blogger said...

Dear Bruce
I read your posts daily and enjoy your podcast, too. I appreciate your "straight shooting" on the issues. However, I'm a little confused by the latest posts regarding FBC OKC and would like to ask a couple questions for clarification perhaps mixed with a thought or two:
- In all of the links in your posts I haven't yet seen FBC listed as the location. Where was that even listed? What was the wording that insinuated it was a FBC event (as claimed by the FBC staff) as opposed to FBC being a location? Was it in print material? Did I miss something in one of the links? I wanted to read for myself how the announcements were worded but can't seem to find them.
- Does this issue go deeper for you and FBC than just FBC's last minute pull-out? The reason I ask is that your response in writing seems to me to be worded in such a way that does not invite further discussion or clarification from the two (or more) parties involved. I'm in no way refuting the possibility that FBC's response was inappropriate (I wasn't there and give you the benefit of the doubt), but your response with phrases such as "I'm praying for a spine to grow in some leaders at that church", contrasting the current staff with past leaders, and lumping FBC in with those who wrote the articles critical of BU and Mainstream seem to me to be beyond what was necessary to make your point. As an outsider looking in, I'm concerned that both responses (FBC's and yours) now leave little room for peaceful discussion and reconciliation. I guess I'd like to know if you wrote what you really meant and, if so, do you think it was constructive for all of us to be in on it?

I'm not a resident of Oklahoma nor have I ever attended FBC OKC so I don't have a dog in the fight other than being a fellow traveler and supporting the BU and Mainstream efforts. I realize blogs can be pretty raw and I use mine as quite a catharsis with little editing. The posts in question, however, seem to involve two or three institutions/organizations that have implications beyond the individuals so I thought I'd venture an inquiry.

Dr. Bruce Prescott said...


I think you've substituted BU for AU in your posts.

Here's a link to the last edition of the Mainstream Messenger that disturbed someone at FBC OKC.

Here's a link to the page that disturbed them. I've changed the location on the internet because people are still using the internet to find the meeting the location. In the print edition, FBC OKC was in the place that First Unitarian now holds on the page.

The Daily Oklahoman also published the location of the meeting along with their story about the Interfaith Day of Prayer and Reflection.

Frankly, what FBC must have expected us to do was have a secret meeting. We don't hold secret meetings. That is a tactic of Fundamentalists, not moderates.

Until this event, relations between Mainstream and FBC OKC were always good. Jeff Zurheide was my strongest ally when he pastored the church.

There were other ways that FBC could have distanced itself from Barry Lynn, AU and Mainstream. The way this was handled was designed to send a message.

Those who have eyes to see and ears to hear will get it.