Thursday, May 19, 2005

On Talking about Church-State Separation

Thanks to Ethics Daily for publishing Jim Huff's article about the need for Baptists to talk about church-state separation.

This has definitely become a controversial issue in some moderate Baptist churches. As Huff says,
It is a shame that a meeting related to the historic Baptist principle of separation of church and state has been allowed to evolve into such a public disagreement. This is a classic example of the current political and religious climate. There is a hesitancy to have a meaningful dialogue over a critical aspect of the Christian faith for fear of being divisive and placed in opposing camps.


fernando said...

i recieved a lesson in this today, trying to post on the christian musician's forum. i replied to a thread on "your favourite person of faith," by mentioning the regard I had for early baptists who stood against state church.

this was followed by a reply/rant from a florida minister, that went on for 6 paragraphs deriding ""Alternative Religion" radical activists," "rebels masquerading as builders," "fake-faith theologians," ""ever-learning" prattlers" and "progressive-thinkers."

it is sad that this is indicative of the a-historical anger that exists towards the core ideas of the baptist faith.

Greek Shadow said...

It seems we all have buttons that when pushed set us off. I've been just as guilty of ranting against those who want to prattle on with their rants. Notice that in this culture war everyone is yelling at the top of their lungs and no one is listening.

Leighton said...

It's an arms race. The tendency on both sides is to think that whoever first stops to listen loses control of where the discussion goes. To an extent it's a legitimate fear, but it doesn't really get us anywhere.