Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Mustang's Christians Cool Off

Baptist Press reports that Christians angry with the Mustang, Oklahoma school district have cooled off at it for cancelling the live nativity scene at their school last Christmas.

I appeared on Fox News and wrote a blog about the event when it happened.

The Baptist General Convention of Oklahoma and Baptist Press did much to stir up the anger of the Christians in Mustang. I commend Dave Bryan, pastor of Chisholm Heights Baptist Church in Mustang for ignoring the directives of Oklahoma Baptist leadership and for doing a good job of sorting through the issues related to this issue. The committee he chaired approved a policy that affirms "the proper role or religion in the public school curriculum is academic and not devotional" and says "Mustang Public Schools uphold the First Amendment by protecting the religious liberty rights of students of all faiths or no faith."

Bryant's committee met for two days with Charles Haynes of the First Amendment Center in Washington D.C. Haynes is the co-author/editor of "Finding Common Ground, A Guide to Religious Liberty in Public Schools."

While President of the Houston Chapter of Americans United for Separation of Church and State I reviewed Haynes' book. Here's a link to that review.

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