Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Patriotism Betrayed

Common Dreams has posted an Air America interview with a candidate who ran for Parliament against British Prime Minister Tony Blair in last week's election. Here are a couple paragraphs describing what motivated this candidate to run for office:
Laura Flanders: Tell our audience why you decided to run for Parliament, have you always hankered to be in politics?

Reg Keys: No, eh (laughs), well not really . . .no, I've never hankered for politics whatsoever! Like most people in Britain (and probably in America as well), I believed my Prime Minister's rhetoric, as you believed Mr. Bush's rhetoric about Saddam posing this evil threat and being able to launch weapons of mass destruction within 45 minutes.

"My son believed that, I believed that, and the nation believed the Prime Minister but we were all deceived. Sadly, we were all betrayed by our own government. Iraq couldn't launch within 45 minutes, Iraq had no weapons of mass destruction or WMD program and I feel that my son's oath to allegiance to Queen and country was betrayed. His patriotism was betrayed and that young life was snuffed out in a filthy police station in Iraq for what?"

Does this father have a point?

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