Friday, May 20, 2005

Religion and the Air Force Academy

Thanks to Ethics Daily to providing additional details about the controversy over religion at the Air Force Academy.

While my expectations of Baptist football coaches is low, I would expect that a chaplain endorsed by the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship would be sensitive to the need for government to be strictly neutral in matters of religion. That would include creating training materials that do not appear to be singling out any religion for approbation or disapprobation.

That said, the information in news reports continues to reveal an atmosphere at the Academy that is dominated by a muscular and aggressively evangelistic form of Christianity. Comments like, "In your presentation, Christians never win" may not be reassuring to those weary of being subjected to spiritual competition.


Greek Shadow said...

I would have expected better from both Bowden and the FCA.

Amy said...

The link lead to a blank spot on the Ethics Daily site. Is there another site with this story?