Monday, May 09, 2005

Blogging on Waynesville Baptist

Thanks to Carlos Stouffer at the Jesus Politics blog for calling attention to a blog on Dkos that interviews a deacon that was ousted from East Waynesville Baptist Church.

The blog has several links to news stories about the handiwork of the pastor/political boss of that church.

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Darrell Lunsford said...

The occurrence in Waynesville is a shining example of the effects of the intermingling of church and state, and it is one that will hit home for many.

The message here is that politics is being used to force people's beliefs, and that people's beliefs and faith are being used in turn to advance political agendas.

The wall of separation between church and state is being eroded by politicians and political organizations that see the faith of the people as a means to an end.

Church and State must be kept separate.

Darrell Lunsford
Western North Carolina Chapter
of Americans United
for Separation of Church and State.