Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Evangelical Professors Protest Against Bush

The World Peace Herald has published a story about some professors of Calvin College in Grand Rapids, Michigan who are protesting President Bush's commencement speech at their school.

The professors have paid for an advertisement in the paper which says:
"No single political position should be identified with God's will," says the ad, which also chastises the president for "actions that favor the wealthy of our society and burden the poor."

Christians are to be characterized by love and gentleness, it adds, but "we believe that your administration has fostered intolerance and divisiveness and has often failed to listen to those with whom it disagrees."

Moreover, says the letter, set to run in the Grand Rapids Press, the Bush administration's environmental policies "have harmed creation," and it asks the president "to re-examine your policies in light of our God-given duty to pursue justice with mercy."

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