Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Home Schools and White House Interns

Kudos to Frederick Clarkson for the great job he did explaining our Constitution's separation of church and state on NPR's Fresh Air today. Clarkson was on after D. James Kennedy was interviewed on the same program.

Kennedy claimed to be opposed to theocracy but, in the very next breath, quoted the Great Commission and gave it a decidedly political thrust. It is clear that, in his opinion, Christians have a responsibility to create a culture in which civil institutions (i.e. the government, the courts, and public schools) are involved in "teaching" all nations "to observe all" that Jesus commanded. When "culture" assumes the mission of the Church, it is hard for me to understand how this differs from "theocracy."

Clarkson did an admirable job of explaining how the intentions of our nation's founders differed from what Kennedy described. He also disclosed information that I had previously missed. Clarkson said something to the effect that he had heard that there were more interns in the White House from Patrick Henry College than from any other institution. Patrick Henry College is a school whose primary mission is to prepare Christian Home Schoolers, many of whom have been indoctrinated with Dominionist theology, for positions in government service.

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Nathan said...

Here's a link to the interview on NPR.

Just an aside regarding Patrick Henry College... I'm from Virginia and a prominent political blog recently discussed a PHC student in an election controversy.

The area the college is located is near Del. Dick Black's district. Del. Black is one of the most radical social conservatives in the Va House of Delegates. In 2003 he mailed all legislators a replica of a fetus and focuses his legislative energy on some crazy stuff. Apparently PHC students run the majority of his campaign.

Just some more background. Thanks for helping me learn more about the inner-workings of Virginia politics.