Tuesday, May 31, 2005

The Totally Connected Church

Reuters is reporting that a church in Wales has installed a Wi-Fi wirefless network access point at the church. The pastor reportedly said he has "no problem with people quietly sending an email or surfing the Internet in church, as long as they respect the church."

It used to be that people waited until the pastor was finished before they critiqued his sermon, now it looks like some churches are going to have real-time critiques by e-mail while the sermon is in progress.

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fernando said...

"real-time" critique? i like it. and as a pastor and preacher, I REALLY LIKE IT.

we have become acustomed to processing information at high bandwidths (email, while listeing to radio or watching the news, while comtemplating a book review). however, we still treat the sermon as a low bandwidth event (even lower bandwidth in those horrible instances when the sermon is 'backed up" by powerpoint slides).

being able to follow a sermon with a digital concordance, some bliblical theology references and even an online chat to me feels like it could be an intense learning experience. also, i really like the idea of making it easy for people to blog what they have been through in church.

i say it is a very good thing indeed.